Village de Brousse & Pirogue trip – Somone Lagoon


You’ll set off along bush tracks through Peuhl and Serer villages. Stop off at the giant termite mounds and the spider baobab before discovering the magnificent Baobab forest. Crossing this forest, you’ll be able to admire these emblematic Senegalese trees. Stop at the largest baobab, or sacred baobab, with its huge trunk and opening. The guide who accompanies you will be happy to comment on the interior of this baobab.

After a break at the big Baobab tree, head for the small Peul village, a nomadic ethnic group. Visit a family where you can better observe their daily activities, enter the huts or even pound millet with the village women. At the end of the visit, the guide will give you the pleasure of handing over to the villagers the gifts (rice, sugar, soaps, candles, matches, sweets, etc….) purchased en route by our services!!!!

You’ll then cross the Somone nature reserve and finish with a pirogue trip through the Bolongs. This protected area is an ornithological paradise where you can observe mangroves and migratory birds such as pelicans, cormorants, kingfishers etc…

A moment of pure pleasure to share with family and friends!

Rates for half-day:

  • 2 pers 40,000 FCFA/Pers
  • 3 pers 30,000 FCFA/Pers
  • 4 pers 25,000 FCFA/Pers
  • Children under 12 years half price

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