Shellfish Island JOAL-FADIOUTH


Discover the picturesque island of Fadiouth, built on shells

Fadiouth Island, at the southern end of the Petite Cote, is inhabited by a majority of Christians, and has the particularity of having a mixed Christian and Muslim cemetery.

It’s the birthplace of Léopold Sédar Senghor, the first African to be appointed to the French Academy.

You’ll reach the island by pirogue or on foot via the magnificent roan-tree bridge linking Fadiouth Island to Joal.

You’ll tour the island on foot, visiting the St-François Xavier church, the cemetery, the millet granaries built on stilts in the river, and the narrow, peaceful streets strewn with shellfish.

Return to Joal via the birthplace of President Léopold Sédar Senghor, which you can visit, as well as the fishing port, one of the largest in Senegal.

Rates for half a day:

  • If 2 persons : 45.000 FCFA/Pers
  • If 3 people : 35,000 FCFA/Pers
  • From 4 persons : 25 000 FCFA/Pers

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